Neon Buzz®: Lighting Up Organizational Performance
A powerful one-day program about team effectiveness and empowerment.

Teamwork is more than just a warm, fuzzy workplace concept — it's an operational reality for most organizations, regarded as the best chance for business success and profitability. Indeed, output improves when different processes come together to work as a single unit. Effective teams find ways to re-engineer processes, work together with peers and managers, and make decisions that not only align with the company's bigger vision but also result in customer satisfaction. And while every company talks about teamwork, few actually understand how to develop an effective team. Does yours? Does it really?

Neon Buzz®: Lighting Up Organizational Performance is a highly interactive, fast-paced business simulation that places learners in the middle of a dysfunctional organization and encourages them to discover how teamwork and empowering leadership can make a world of difference. Developed by organizational design and disruption experts, the program works right out of the box for companies in any industry, and yet can be fully customized to address your unique business conditions and challenges.

AUDIENCES: New or existing employee teams (project, departmental or interdepartmental); managers and supervisors who lead departments or teams.

THE SIMULATION: Learners become employees of a company riddled by a chaotic work process, a rigid organizational structure, lack of innovation and unclear goals. Thwarted by inefficiency, frustration and poor communication, teams are challenged to produce circuit boards that meet quality standards and customer requirements. Participants learn to work as a team committed to clear goals, efficiency, critical and creative thinking. Productivity, quality and customer satisfaction grow exponentially.

CONNECTIONS: Exercises after the simulation create a bridge from the classroom to the learners' own work environments. They guide participants through an assessment of their organization, their team and themselves as they consider issues — such as the actions and behaviors that lead to high performance, and how they can affect teamwork collectively and individually — that connect the lessons of the simulation with their day-to-day behaviors. (Connections exercises are provided with Neon Buzz, or you may wish to work with us to customize the exercises for deeper relevance to your issues and/or your audience.)

TRAINING OUTCOMES: Learners discover new ways to break through the "we've always done it this way" barriers that block creative thinking, innovation, empowerment and teamwork. They develop an understanding and an appreciation for well-designed structures and processes; innovation and creative thinking; customer focus; quality and continuous improvement; internal collaboration and teamwork; and the impact of committed employees and empowering managers.

USES: Neon Buzz is an effective as a component in any leadership development curriculum ... as a program for new team leaders ... as an invigorating session at management events ... to energize existing teams ... to complement quality, continual improvement, creative thinking or process redesign initiatives ... to foster collaboration within or between departments.

TIME FRAME: Neon Buzz is a one-day program, incorporating a three-hour game session and a two-hour Connections session. Optional extension exercises can be modified or customized.

DELIVERY: We can train your in-house facilitators or provide our experienced discovery learning facilitators to conduct your sessions.

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