• Sheetal Grandhi

    Learning Facilitator

    Sheetal has a total of 16 years of experience, of which 10 years were spent in employee engagement and retention, customer relationship management, training and development in the e-CRM Sector, she was associated with First Source Solutions as a Senior Manager – Employee Engagement and Retention,

  • Priti Agarwal

    Business Associate and Learning Facilitator

    Priti is a versatile professional with interests ranging from sales, consulting, business development, learning and development and building organizational capability. She founded the Catalyst in 2009 with the dream of offering unique skill enhancement opportunities ...

  • Dr Grant Donovan

    Master Trainer and Learning Facilitator,

    A doctoral graduate from the University of Western Australia, Grant is a specialist in the behaviours and literacy required for high level business improvement throughout organisations. He is a frequent presenter at International Management Conferences and

  • Akila Raju

    Director Operations and Learning Facilitator

    Akila Raju is a creative learning and development professional with over 18 years of work experience across various industries and diverse workplace environments. She has been instrumental in setting up learning teams in various organisations,

  • Cheryl Samtaney

    Learning Facilitator

    Cheryl Samtaney has a total of 20 years of work experience of which 12 years have been in training. She strongly believes that her role as a facilitator helps individuals to unleash their untapped potential, which in turn enhances their efficiency and productivity,


“We thank you for a wonderful business simulation session that you took our managers through.It definitely has been an enriching experience for all those who went through this session and have appreciated the same”.
Gunjan Somaya
Sr. Manager - Learning & Development
General Mills India
"Thank you for such an encouraging “ZODIAK” session which has helped participants to dwell in the actual working of the business, The Participants have really enjoyed it."
Ms Tanvi Jain ,
Senior Manager - HR
Pearson India Education Services Private Limited
"RGMs have used the “Connections” component following Zodiak® to help them identify low-hanging fruit. This has led to profit improvement opportunities ranging between 0.5 percent and 3 percent. Now, it’s up to the RGMs to implement their action plans ."
Jack Landers,
former director of training effectiveness for Tricon Global Restaurants
parent company for Pizza Hut
"The program was an easy way to help financial novices obtain a baseline knowledge and to help managers make better decisions on behalf of the corporation. “Stereotypically, finance can be rather boring to teach and difficult to place in your daily responsibilities,” he said. “But we found Zodiak® to be an interactive, informative and delightfully nontraditional way to achieve our goals."
Lockheed Martin,
Edwin Mourino
"Expedia continues to build a strong corporate culture because of its belief in the importance of enhancing business acumen at all levels of the organization and in strengthening the skill of employees to work in project teams. "
Antigoni Mallen,

"The program’s interactive design and relative simplicity is what makes it effective. The fact that it’s easy to deploy also is important – as many as 35,000 additional employees might use it eventually. “By using self-facilitated classroom settings, high interactivity and online capabilities, we are able to take advantage of this training resource as often as needed. "
Bill Rohrer,

Director of Supply Chain Process Excellence
"There is empirical evidence that the new insights and knowledge have made a difference, Participant self-evaluations indicate that financial literacy has increased by at least 25percent as a result of the Zodiak training, After the training, there was a 20 percent increase in the participants’ ability to use basic financial terms and concepts on the job. Almost 45 percent of supervisory participants report that they are using their business acumen knowledge in daily communications with staff and peers."
Sophia Alexander,
Senior manager of curriculum and metrics
North Central Division,Comcast
"The feedback from the associates involved with the Zodiak sessions at Leica has been terrific. We have many very technically savvy people in our team, well skilled to develop and build our next generation products, but we have sometimes struggled to make the broader business context accessible or relevant to their daily work. The Zodiak program has ensured that everyone understood how certain decisions could dramatically change commercial outcomes. Most notably, it was clear from the discussion and questions from the groups during the program that they had grasped the concepts and gone on to make the linkages back to their roles in our business."
Will Day,
Leica Biosystems Melbourne
"It needs to be understood that it is everyone’s role in our business to make money not just the sales people, not senior management or someone else but everyone at every level. Zodiak has helped all our people to really understand that and more importantly what really affects the results and how they can influence and understand the outcomes."
Peter Morley,
Coulson Tiles
"It is always difficult to explain the financial side of any business to non-finance managers. Our experience showed that people gain a far better understanding of a difficult concept if they actually see it and use hands on concrete models, rather than be given a verbal explanation. Zodiak has certainly made it much easier for me to talk to people about financial matters."
David Fraser,
Group General Manager
Coventry Group Ltd.
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