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Zodiak®: Government

In today’s complex government landscape, budgets and processes are under the microscope more than ever. There’s intense pressure to ensure that funds are spent properly and procedures are followed closely. Developing business savvy and business skills is a must for anyone working within this environment.

Zodiak®: Government s a sophisticated simulation disguised as a board game — a fast-paced, energizing and engaging way to build the business acumen of your government agency managers, leaders and employees and impact bottom-line success. Developed in partnership with the U.S. Air Force, the program was designed for managers and employees in agencies that use a working-capital or revolving fund. It can be fully customized for federal, state or local applications.

AUDIENCES: Managers, supervisors, individual contributors and employees.

THE SIMULATION: Participants are placed into leadership positions within a government agency and must make the kinds of decisions agency leaders face every day — demands for services that exceed appropriations, budget cuts, deficits, vendor relationships and purchasing impacts, personnel disengagement and more. They handle chance events, move game pieces and answer to stakeholders. Ultimately, they embrace new insights — not just how the numbers work but the consequences of specific actions on organizational success.

CONNECTIONS: Exercises after the simulation create a bridge from the classroom to learners’ real-time work environments. With the fresh perspective of “running” a governmental agency, learners can effectively explore their real organization’s strategies, budget processes, terminology and more. They connect their day-to-day behaviors to how the effective and efficient use of funds. (Connections exercises are provided with Zodiak, or you may work with us to customize the exercises for deeper relevance to your issues and/or your audience.)

TRAINING OUTCOMES: Agency managers and leaders develop a critical leadership competency with significantly higher levels of financial literacy and business acumen. They can articulate financial and strategic imperatives, read and interpret financial reports, align departmental and personal goals to overall agency success, make better decisions and inspire others to do the same. Agency employees learn to think and act differently with a big-picture understanding of the agency’s financial and strategic goals. They see the link between their departmental objectives and their own, where they fit and how they can make a difference, and develop a commitment to use funds efficiently and effectively.

USES:Zodiak is an excellent way to broaden your leadership development curriculum … engage managers around agency vision and strategy … accelerate employee commitment to major changes … help employees gain insight into how they affect the bottom line … energize a management or organizational event.

TIME FRAME:Zodiak is a one-day program, incorporating a four-hour game session and a two-hour Connections session. Optional extension exercises can be modified or customized.

DELIVERY: We can train your in-house facilitators or provide our experienced discovery learning facilitators to conduct your sessions.
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