Zodiak: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy Countdown: A Strategy Game for Project Teams

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Zodiak®: Healthcare Organizations
A Powerful Business Acumen Development Simulation

The world of healthcare is changing faster and faster. Today, providing high levels of quality patient care must occur amid a whirlwind of issues—from healthcare reform, capital expenditures and physician shortages to readmission penalties, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Too often, leaders, managers and staff fall back on what worked in the past, without much thought to the changing healthcare landscape. Your people need to become focused, engaged, positive and energized for your organization to go from where it stands today to where you need it to be tomorrow.

Paradigm Learning works with healthcare organizations to encourage and empower people by improving their business acumen. Our multistep process ensures that they clearly understand the common issues that leaders within the industry face every day, as well as the uncommon circumstances that are unique to your hospital.

It’s a comprehensive, customized systems approach with several key elements:

PRE-ZODIAK EXPECTATION SETTING: Before the Zodiak simulation, we partner to build consensus on an approach that will meet the needs of learners and the expectations of senior leaders. A focused implementation and measurement plan emerges, setting the stage for hospital-specific customization and follow-through.

AUDIENCES: All hospital associates, including executive mangers, supervisors, directors, support staff members, and other key personnel.

THE SIMULATION: At the center of our approach is Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy for Healthcare Organizations—a powerful one-day business acumen simulation. During Zodiak, learners become engrossed in a story-driven hospital scenario that closely mirrors their own healthcare organization’s financial and strategic issues. Working in groups of three-to-four around a game board and iPad®, they become the newly-hired executive team at Zodiak Hospital. Over the course of a simulated three-year period, learners are challenged with turning around the health of the struggling hospital in a pressure-intensive climate of uncertain regulatory conditions, changing patient needs and unpredictable events.

CONNECTIONS: Periodically during the simulation, and even more intensely during the afternoon session, participants are guided to connect insights to their own organizations, departments and jobs. They explore strategies, financial realities, key terminology, challenges and opportunities at the organizational level and then zero in on their own personal and team/department impact on success. Finally, each learner develops a Z-Plan™ to take back on the job – a plan that focuses on revenue generation, cost management, patient satisfaction or other key measures.

POST-ZODIAK LEARNING REINFORCEMENTS AND Z-PLAN IMPLEMENTATION: After the Zodiak simulation, tools and processes are used to reinforce and refresh learning, and to ensure follow-through on learners' Z-Plan commitments.

EVALUATION AND MEASUREMENT OF THE BUSINESS ACUMEN DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE: Finally, we circle back to senior leaders with results—both qualitative and quantitative—and provide recommendations for ongoing development, reinforcement and recognition.

TRAINING OUTCOMES: Our multistep process ensures that employees at all levels clearly understand the issues that leaders within the healthcare industry face every day, as well as the uncommon circumstances that are unique to their hospital. When staff members become aligned with strategic and financial goals, and learn where they fit into the big picture of success, they can—and will—take quicker, more effective action in support of both quality care and bottom-line success.

DELIVERY: Paradigm Learning healthcare consultants deliver Zodiak sessions. Prior to each session, the facilitator will work with the client on logistics, audience composition and supplemental considerations necessary to ensure that the experience meets client and learner needs.
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