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Discovery Learning

Discovery learning is a powerful instructional approach that guides and motivates learners to explore information and concepts in order to construct new ideas, identify new relationships and create new models of thinking and behavior.

Well-designed discovery learning educational sessions are highly experiential and interactive — using stories, games, simulations, visual maps and other techniques to grab attention, build interest and lead a journey of discovery toward new thinking, actions and behaviors.

They incorporate three key ideas :

  • Problem Solving : They guide and motivate learners to find solutions by pulling together information and generalizing knowledge.
  • Learner Management : They allow participants, working alone or in small teams, to learn in their own ways and at their own pace.
  • Integrating and Connecting : They encourage integration of new knowledge into the learner’s existing knowledge base and clearly connect to the real world.

Discovery learning ensures learners’ brains are engaged at all times. Participants may be manipulating pieces on a game board, working with others to make a decision, or gathering seemingly disconnected pieces of information to solve a problem — but they’re actually learning!

Discovery learning simply accelerates the educational process and results in higher levels of retention than more traditional learning approaches do.

Its benefits are well documented :

  • Training time is condensed
  • Programs are fun, fast-paced and energizing
  • Participants absorb course content via active participation
  • Sessions are highly customizable
  • Retention is high

With training time in short supply, and knowledge in great demand, discovery learning can help organizations offer training that works quickly — and very effectively.

How we use Discovery Learning ?

Research shows people learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process. Discovery learning has been proven to appeal to all types of learners, accelerating knowledge and skill acquisition and ensuring long-term retention.

Paradigm Learning India's unique games, simulations and Discovery Maps® have five key characteristics :

  • Attracting and Intriguing. First, we grab the learner''s attention with sounds, visuals, power openings, game boards and more. The learner’s response: "Hey… I'm interested in learning."
  • Jump-Starting. Next, we give participants just enough information to get the experience started. The learner's response: "OK, I'm ready to learn."
  • Brain-churning = Learning. Guided small-team activities get learners thinking, doing, analyzing and questioning. The learner’s response: "Wow … I wonder why … if … how … ?"
  • Discovering and Concluding. Participants discuss ideas, draw conclusions and develop insights. The learner's response: "A-ha, I get it!"
  • Bridging and Connecting. Learners transfer the experiences and insights to real workplace issues and bridge to follow-up action on the job. The learner's response: "Now I know what to do, so I plan to … "

Business Games

A business game is a competitive activity in which players operate within structured guidelines, contend with obstacles, make decisions and work toward a goal. As challenges arise, players interact with one another, individually or as part of a team, to win. A game board often is the centerpiece of the activity, incorporating components such as chips, dice, card decks, timers and more to keep the action lively.

Our business games place small teams of learners into simulated business situations that require complex critical thinking, effective communication, strong cooperation and high levels of initiative. As competition heats up, players have fun while acquiring the critical business skills and knowledge they’ll need back on the job.

Business Simulations

A business simulation replicates a slice of reality from the work environment. It compresses time and allows learners to experiment with new tools, concepts, skills and ideas in a safe environment. A business simulation promotes intense engagement of learners in ways that ensure high involvement and help make the learning content transfer to the job.

Our carefully designed business simulations are powerful and effective learning programs that use proven discovery learning methodology to educate learners in many subject areas. Often customized to meet the specific needs of clients, these simulations form the foundation of learning experiences that bridge to the organization’s — and the learners’ — own environment and relevant job issues.

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