Discovery Maps®

Strategic Messaging & Alignment

Discovery Maps® are fully customized learning solutions


Constant change and relentless competition make every organization's strategic alignment challenges unique. When evolving business and financial strategies, mergers and acquisitions, new processes, and other change initiatives are front and center, crystal clear communication that increases each employee’s alignment and commitment to change is critical. Employees at all levels and in all jobs must understand the marketplace issues driving change, where the organization is going, why change is required, and how they fit into the picture of success.


Discovery Maps® are fully customized learning solutions – communication tools that deliver a large amount of information in a short amount of time. By supplementing the power of discovery learning activities (learning through action) with meaningful, contextually rich visuals, Paradigm Learning creates experiences that transfer key knowledge and critical messages with unrivaled clarity.


of organizations have an agreed-upon strategy


of employees understand the organization's strategy


or less of all organizations execute their strategy

“Discovery Maps remain the single best training I’ve ever received as an adult. I can finally see how I fit into my company’s overall strategy.”

— Front-line Manager, Sysco


Participants gather around a colorful table-sized Discovery Map that serves as the centerpiece of the learning experience. In a classroom setting, participants work together to explore content, discuss issues, draw conclusions, and develop new insights, motivation, and commitment. Competitive games, challenging scenarios, realistic simulations, videos, and online activities can be added to the experience to ensure long-term knowledge retention and influence behaviors on the job.


Designers, consultants, and artists work with subject-matter experts to gather data and produce unique Discovery Maps that are metaphorical pictures of an organization’s strategic path, structure, and critical messages. The collaborative design and development process ensures the message is clear, aligned with organizational strategy, and easily implemented


Discovery Maps can deliver or reinforce messages about an organization’s :

  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Organizational strategy
  • New products and services
  • Changes within an industry
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • ERP/New technology or internal processes
  • Competitive challenges
  • Employee onboarding
  • New branding initiatives
  • Sales training or sales management education

They can complement or energize an existing change or serve as key communication tools at a corporate event, including sales meetings, all-employee retreats, and client meetings.

business acumen
can be fast,
fun and effective.

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