The Business of Leadership Game

You need to transform your managers into accountable leaders

OUR SOLUTION: Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®, teaches leadership through business acumen for emerging leaders, high-potential employees, managers, and project teams

Impact5 builds the strategic leadership skills of every employee through a foundation of business acumen and understanding the big picture of organizational success. During two simulated years of serious play, learners grapple with talent issues, make complex decisions about interdepartmental relationships, and balance the tactical with the strategic as they discover how a company’s actions and decisions impact finances, customers and organizational health. Leadership accountabilities such as championing change, collaborating across departments, influencing the business, developing talent, and becoming a trusted and authentic leader come vividly to life.

The Connections exercises that follow the simulation create a bridge from the classroom to the workplace. With the fresh perspective of leading a company, participants connect their day-to-day actions to their own company’s finances, customers, and organizational health, and learn to think like business owners.

Use Impact5® to:
  • Broaden your leadership development curriculum
  • Engage new managers around leadership accountabilities
  • Help employees gain insight into how they affect the bottom line as leaders (or emerging leaders) in the organization
  • Energize an emerging leader/next generation/high-potential employee event

Ask us how we can customize the program to address your unique business conditions and deepen the relevance for your audience of participants.

AUDIENCES: Impact5 is a great fit for supervisors, managers, sales managers, emerging leaders, team leaders and fast-track individual contributor.

THE SIMULATION: Working in small teams, learners take the role as new managers at a fictitious company. They struggle with talent issues, make complex decisions about interdepartmental relationships, and balance the tactical with the strategic. They get blindsided. They regroup. They analyze. They take action. Learners are engaged from start to finish as they discover how their decisions and actions affect the bottom line and how their behaviors as part of the organization’s collective leadership team impact ultimate success.

CONNECTIONS: With fresh insights from the simulation, participants bridge to real-world leadership issues in their own organizations. They explore the five leadership accountabilities, conduct a Leadership Focus Self-Assessment of their time and attention on these accountabilities, and learn how to use a Decision Impact Analysis tool to guide critical thinking around important decisions. Learners are also introduced to on online resource – a website that provides over 20 critical thinking guides to help with reflection and planning back on the job. (Connections exercises are provided with Impact5, or you may work with us to customize the exercises for even deeper relevance to your issues and/or your audience.)

TIME FRAME: Impact5 is a one-day program, incorporating a four-hour simulation and a three-hour Connections (organization-specific) session. Optional extension exercises can be modified or customized.

DELIVERY: We can train your in-house facilitators or provide our experienced discovery learning facilitators to conduct your sessions.

TRAINING OUTCOMES: Participants gain a thorough understanding of five critical Business Impact Accountabilities™ -- including the execution of organizationally-aligned results, the championship of change and innovation, the influencing of the business beyond organizational barriers, the engagement and leveraging of talent, and the responsibility for enhancing personal leadership skills and effectiveness. They learn the importance of balancing the short-term and long-term as well as the tactical and strategic. They explore the power of collaboration and communication as members of a collective leadership team. They develop a higher-level understanding of their impact on financial, customer and organizational results. With these new insights, knowledge and skills, they are better able to focus their leadership time and attention, and conduct a broader and more targeted analysis of leadership decisions.

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