The Art of Talent Leadership

Discovery learning that transforms managers into talent leaders

Today’s uncertain economy and the competitive global marketplace require an increasing focus on talent management. Across all industries, managers are taking a greater level of responsibility for attracting and retaining top employees. And they’re facing greater challenges in winning the talent wars.

Are you asking managers to do the same work — or more — with fewer employees? Do you worry about your best talent being poached by your competitors? Can you count on managers to keep employees engaged, motivated and productive as your business goes through difficult change?


Mosaic®: The Art of Talent Leadership was developed with input from our Fortune 500 clients to address contemporary talent leadership issues. This dynamic program — using visual communications tools, energizing activities and intriguing case studies — guides participants through every aspect of talent leadership and helps them understand why managing talent is so critical to organizational success. It’s designed to work right out of the box, and yet can be fully customized to connect with your unique business conditions and challenges.

AUDIENCES: Anyone who manages, supervises or leads people or teams.

THE SIMULATION: Working in small teams, participants explore a realistic case study that develops insights around talent acquisition and retention issues. They work together to understand the talent landscape in general, as well as in their own organization, and discover the talent management accountabilities that must be embraced by managers in successful organizations — attracting, retaining and transitioning employees. Robust guidebooks and takeaway tools help participants transfer lessons from the simulation to the job, creating bridges to real-life work situations.

DELIVERY: We can train your in-house facilitators or provide our experienced discovery learning facilitators to conduct your sessions.

TRAINING OUTCOMES: Managers learn why an organization’s most effective leaders are those who develop talent for current and future needs. They factor in external (marketplace) and internal (organizational) considerations that drive the need for effective talent leadership. Participants also explore a range of best practices and learn why employees are most satisfied — and productive — when they are engaged, developed, and challenged.

USES: Mosaic can complement an existing leadership development curriculum or serve as a stand-alone program. It can be an essential component of your organization’s leadership development curriculum, energize your next management meeting, or be deployed to selective groups of managers who need assistance with talent acquisition and retention.

TIME FRAME: A half-day program, incorporating a 3½-hour game session with optional extension exercises.

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