Right Turns®

Change In Action

A dynamic session about change that builds employee commitment and the skills of managers

Organizational change is guaranteed. Success isn't. In today's business environment, an effective corporate strategy for change management makes all the difference. For many, organizational change is frightening. Fear of the unknown leads to lower productivity, higher workplace confusion and costly staff turnover. Managers who can lead through uncertain times are essential.

Right Turns: Change in Action® is a powerful learning experience focused on change management, guiding employees and managers to explore the realities of change and the path to future success. Whether learners are dealing with organizational change or leading it, this fast-paced discovery learning experience builds understanding, alignment and commitment for any corporate strategy.

AUDIENCES: Employees or individual contributors who are dealing with major changes; managers, supervisors and team leaders accountable for leading and managing change.

THE SIMULATION: Guided by activity cards, participants gather in small teams around an engaging illustration called a Discovery Map® and work together to explore and discuss key concepts — external forces that cause change, the impact of change, drivers of success, how emotions and behaviors help or hinder progress, and more. Company-specific discussions and exercises bring the lessons home by allowing participants to explore organizational changes in their own company or department and develop insights to take back to their jobs. Managers delve deeper into the session and explore their role as change leaders — their responsibilities, their necessary skills, how to apply critical thinking, and how to deal with their own reactions to organizational change.

USES: Right Turns can be used as part of a leadership curriculum ... as a powerful session at an employee or leadership event ... to help introduce major organizational change ... to help managers lead their teams through changes ... as an intervention with teams that work together.

TIME FRAME: Right Turns lasts between two hours (for all participants) and four hours (for managers).


TRAINING OUTCOMES: Participants recognize successful organizational change and successful actions. They understand the urgency of — and need for — change. They can identify changes occurring in their own organizations and departments, and manage emotional and behavioral responses. Additionally, managers leave prepared to influence and guide change initiatives; they learn how to develop leadership skills and essential personal attributes; and they develop strategies to deal with the common emotional reactions to organizational change.

DELIVERY: We can train your in-house facilitators or provide our experienced discovery learning facilitators to conduct your sessions.

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